After graduating with her B.S. in journalism from Iowa State University in 2015, Mariah worked in both print and digital magazines and newspapers before attending graduate school. She was an intern and a freelance editorial writer with InStyle Magazine from July to November 2015, creating digital, daily content for the online "What's Now" section and working on special sections in print. Mariah then moved to Des Moines, Iowa where she worked as a freelance journalist for the largest daily paper in the state of Iowa, The Des Moines Register. As a freelance lifestyle reporter, Mariah covered arts/culture events and programming around the metro area and helped create, design, and write for special sections including holiday issues, health and fitness digital content, and more. 

As a master's student, she was hired to consult on various projects and social media marketing campaigns with small businesses around the state of Iowa. Mariah taught business owners how to market themselves on social media and use platforms to their advantage in the most ethical and efficient way possible.
Her experience as a journalist in both local and national, digital and print publications, along with her time as a marketing consultant, has allowed Mariah to excel in her current position as a Ph.D. candidate, undergraduate instructor, and Student Media Graduate Advisor.