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Sculpt 108 Coming


Who Are We

Who We Are

Sculpt 108 was created by 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor, Dr. Mariah L. Wellman, PhD. Based in Chicago, Mariah has a PhD in wellness communication and almost ten years of experience as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and yoga teaching coach in gyms and studios across the country. She is currently based in Chicago, Illinois where she is a professor of technology and wellness and teaches in-person yoga classes at various studios.


The Sculptors of Sculpt 108 are part of Mariah's virtual yoga family and have access to weekly classes of many styles (power yoga, bodyweight sculpt, weighted warrior sculpt, restorative yoga, HIIT, and more). PRO Sculptors also have access to lectures and online training videos specifically designed for yoga teachers looking to expand not only their teaching presence and knowledge in the studio and online, but cultivate their skills in personal branding and content marketing. The PRO Sculptors membership also includes evidence-based tips and tricks on navigating the world of wellness as a yoga teacher in an ethical and community-focused way.

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